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Money Saving Tips for Families from TurboTax

When it is time to use TurboTax to complete your taxes for the past year, you may want to consider a few Money Saving Tips for Families in the coming year. Planning early in the year makes it easier to reach your financial goals by the end of the year. Since you are already running the numbers with Turbo Tax, you have records that can show you where to make cuts for the next year.


Review Your W-4

Changes in withholding laws affect the money your employer must withhold from each paycheck. If you find you owe money at the end of the year using Turbo tax 2014, you may want to increase the withholding. If you are getting a big refund each year, decrease the amount withheld to increase your monthly budget.

Winterize Your Home

Turbo Tax 2014 can help you to find special tax credits for this … Read 2015 Taxes

Intuit TurboTax And EHealth Help Americans Enroll In Health Insurance Plans

Open enrollment for health insurance plans is about to begin again. For that reason, eHealth, Inc. and Intuit have teamed up to keep consumers informed about changes in the program. Both companies have released information on how consumers can get enrolled in the right insurance plan and do it quickly. These companies have shared a partnership since 2013 when they first released a software product for health insurance selection (Intuit TurboTax). Without a doubt, consumers need to heed their words if they plan on using HealthCare.org.

For the past year, TurboTax free and paid users have been asked to answer whether they have health coverage or not when they file their income tax returns. Individuals that lack coverage are then directed to the TurboTax Health website where they can get purchasing assistance. This site allows individuals to compare their coverage options and enroll in a plan through eHealth, an … Read 2015 Taxes