Turbo Tax Offers No-Cost Filing

Turbo-Tax Absolute Zero, Your No-Cost Tax Return:

Zero Federal, Zero State, Zero costs to file your 2014 taxes. This will affect about Sixty Million Americans. You can call it a major tax break. Starting tomorrow sixty million Americans will be able to prepare the taxes and file them at zero cost. Yes, that’s right – TOTALLY FREE! Not one penny. It’s due to the fact that Intuit TurboTax has lifted the tax preparation burden off your backs. This is truly a good value service.

Turbo Tax Absolute Zero
Turbo Tax Absolute Zero

This will be the first time ever that Americans have been able to file both the federal 1040A or the 1040EZ returns, along with state returns, for a total cost of ZERO dollars. This comes from the Turbo Tax Federal ‘Free Edition’. Turbo Tax users are also not going to have to worry about complying with new health care laws or how to claim the earned income credit. Using Absolute Zero makes it all easy and simple, as well as cheap (No-Cost).

Turbo Tax is a leader in the tax preparation industry, and prepares more overall federal tax returns than all other providers. They know how crucial it is for 60% of all taxpayers who have simple returns and who fie early on in the year, to receive their refunds as quickly as possible. To a lot of people, this annual tax refund (which averages out at around $2,700 nationwide), is the largest check they will get all year.

Turbo Tax know how hard Americans work for their money. Intuit understands the importance and the urgency of getting every dollar Americans deserve. This is according to Sasan Goodarzi, Intuit’s Consumer Tax Group General Manager, “This is the reason we are offering free filing to millions of our American citizens. We have taken the tax preparation burden off the citizen’s backs, so they can use their money for other things. The people at Turbo Tax are on your side.”

Anyone who wants to get a jump on filing their returns, can now file with Turbo Tax and have their return securely held and then submitted once the IRS starts to process its e-filed returns, which happens on January 20th.

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